Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week was a long one, to say the least. However, I am glad that I have 'weekly gratitude' to remind me that there is so much in life for me to be grateful for.
  • Thank you for my dad, who is incredibly patient with me, gives me great advice, and still edits my papers.
  • Thank you to my mom, who makes me laugh, gives me great advice, and always comforts me no matter what.
  • Thank you that I have a job. Even though it is at times stressful, I am blessed to be learning and doing what I have wanted to do since age 13.
  • Thank you that I get a full day off tomorrow!
  • Thank you for shellac gel manicures.  Mine has yet to chip and looks oh-so-pretty!
  • Thank you for the Justin Beiber radio station on Pandora.  Dancing around to ridiculous hits made my Friday that much more fun. :)
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!
Mostar, Bosnia 



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