Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Whole Year

Well would ya look at that!  It has been one whole year since my last post.  To say I fell of the blogging bandwagon would be quite the understatement.  As would saying nothing in the last year has changed.  The ups and downs, new and old, good and bad.  It is so crazy to think back on all that has gone on, and even crazier to think where I might be a year from now.

 A year ago, I was living at home with my parents, working a crazy, stressful, drama prone job,  not making any money, hanging out with my amazing friends, getting excited for summer.  

Now I am living across the country in a completely new and different place, away from my friends and family, but I am working in a job I really enjoy, for great people.  Crazy how things can change, huh?

I'm going to do my best at being a better blogger.  Wish me luck!



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