Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday Things

It is difficult living alone, not knowing anyone, in a place that is so incredibly different than any place you've ever known.
(And that is the understatement of the next ten years.)
But I decided yesterday, to suck it up and make the day a good one.  And it was.

I went to church (I'm lovin' the church I found), I got an ice coffee, I sat outside and wrote, I walked around the cute little downtown, I window shopped, I engaged in some wonderful small talk with some really nice people, I cleaned my house, I made an at home skin brightening toner (potions!) and then I went on a date (like a couple beers and a boat ride date).

Here are some photos from my day:

cute little cosmetics case

Scottie Dogs and Antiques!
delicious salad for lunch (if I do say so myself)
casual ootd

hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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