Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars Recap

I love award season.  I love the red carpet pre shows and I really enjoy the speeches  as it makes it easier to tell if the actors are actually competent in real life or just very skilled at their craft.

Awards season ended last night with the Oscars, but the analyzing of gowns, winners & losers, and the industry will continue for at least another week.  And we will see plenty of gifs of J Law falling down and Sandra trying to open that envelope.   
Here are some of my thoughts on the show last night:

 Jennifer Lawrence looked beautiful. Loved her dress, her hair, and makeup; she was at the top of my Best Dressed list. She made falling up the stairs look graceful, and she apologized for taking a shot before heading to the press room.  She hilarious, real and charming. The girl crush continues.

How cute are Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck?  SO CUTE!  And so in love. It’s refreshing for there to be a real relationship in Hollywood.

Adele is just awesome. Can do no wrong and I want to be her BFF.
"Love you baby!"
half way to an EGOT!

Anne Hathaway sure has a lot of haters.  Like, whoa.  Horrible dress choice, and too rehearsed of a speech (at least act surprised), but she was definitely deserving.   She killed it as Fontine.

 On my Best Dressed list:

Naomi Watts
So different and fits perfectly.  Love!
Charlize Theron
This dress embodies 'movie star.' Gorgeous.

Kerri Washington
Not a huge fan of the top, but I just love this color!
Samantha Barks
Seriously this girl is smokin.

Other Bests:
-the cast of Les Mis reunited and singing
-Adele's Skyfall performance. And basically all the musical performances. 
-DDL and his wonderful, eloquent speech. Who knew he was so funny?
-Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman running to help J law
-The pressroom after. Seriously they need to show that on tv.  Jennifer Lawrence was sassing the press and apologizing for taking a shot before answering their questions, and the team of Affleck, Clooney, and Grant Heslov were hilarious.  Much more so than McFarlane.
Bradley and Hugh to the rescue!

Not the Best:
-Playing JAWS music to get people to wrap it up?  That's pathetic and rude.
-The FLOTUS announcing best picture.  Totally unnecessary.
-QT basically thanking himself and commenting on what a great job he did. #typical
-Super long.  Its as if these people don't get enough attention. 5 hours? Really?!   

What did you think?  Did you watch the Oscars?  

Till next awards season!


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