Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

  • Thank you for my lil' baby sista, Frix, whose birthday is tomorrow.  She turns 21 and I'm sure it's gonna get crazy.
  • Thank your for prep basketball for entertaining me for the last week (and this coming weekend) and getting me even more excited for March Madness.  Go Hawks!  (Bozeman Hawks this weekend and Jay hawks this month!)
  • Thank you for my BFF, Piper, who was such a friend last week.  So sweet and fun and she is just the best!!
  • Thank you for my lil' brother Henry, and his safe travels to Istanbul, Turkey, where he is on a little mission trip with Campus Crusade for Christ. I am so proud of him, and hope he has the time of his life!
  • Thank you to La Chatelaine, a wonderful little chocolate shop here in Bozeman.  They now make french macaroons, so I could finally have experience them, instead of just drooling over all the pretty ones I see in photos.
  • Thank you for this week, the first week on a new month, when all my magazines come!  Such little Happy's in the mail!



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