Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

  • Thank you for Benadryl, which is really a clutch little drug when I have my allergic reactions (the actual cause is still To Be Determined).  Those little pink pills do me wonders when I spontaneously break out in hives.
  • Thank you for the Universal Athletic warehouse sale.  I got two new awesome pairs of shoes, (one being a pair of Asics that I've wanted for a while now), some cute hats, and some great work out gear, for real cheap. Heck yes.
  • Thank you for my awesome car. I love it. She's nice, she never lets me down, and we've had a lot of miles together.
  • Thank you for my mom, who drove to Helena with me for my job this week. Talk about selfless and kind.
  • Thank you for free wing night at the Holiday Inn in Bozeman.  Seriously.  Everyone must check this out.
  • Thank you for my brother and his safe trip to Turkey.  While I have yet to gather all the details, he had a great and safe time.  I'm so proud of him, and glad it was a success!
  • Thank you for Sam, our intern, who is so good at all the graphic design and creative things she does, and for bringing me a white chocolate mocha yesterday.


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